Clean Your Closets for Cash... or Donate!

It's National Cleaning Week! Time for some spring cleaning. Now, the big question is what to do you do with all your old stuff after cleaning it out? Ask yourself... Do you want to make some extra cash? Or do you maybe want to donate your old stuff.

We've got some tips for you to help you decide... And places to go that are "Mom Squad Approved" to sell or donate your items!

Let's start with selling your items....

You can SELL & MAKE EXTRA CASH .... if your items are in good condition, name brand, current, and you are looking to recap some of the expense. Keep in mind they usually are looking for clothes in current season, too. You can choose to sell/consign your items with a Mom Squad Approved Resale Shops, here’s a few. Click on the links to learn more about them!

Gerri’s Closet for Women’s Fashions & Accessories

The Growing Years for Infant, Kids, Teen & Maternity

You’ll Love it for Furniture & Household items Consignment

Say Yes to her Dress for Prom/Bridal and Formals

You can DONATE .... if your items are in good/fair condition and contain all of their pieces and parts, and free of stains and rips. Taking this into consideration will ensure your goods do the most good. We're helping to make it easy for you by providing you a list of Mom Squad Approved Donation Centers, here’s a few. Click on the links to learn more.

Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland - Caring for the poor, feeding the hungry and educating youth. SA responds to emergencies, shelter the homeless, reunite families in Cleveland & Surrounding communities.

Easter Seals of Northern Ohio  - Helping individuals of Northern Ohio with disabilities and special needs, and their families.

Hospice of the Western Reserve - Provides hospice services, palliative care and bereavement support to patients and families throughout Northern Ohio.